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Menu of Services

Women's Sugaring

*Some areas may require a test patch.Test patch is done during initial consultation and is free of charge. After your test patch,there is a 5 day waiting period to see if any reaction occurs. You will be charged when full service is completed.

*It is suggested to have hair be at least 1/4 Inch thick, and try to avoid oils or lotions or deodorants when you come in for your appointment.

Starting Prices
*Prices subject to change

Underarms  $25

Full Arm      $45

Half Arm     $35

Full Legs     $75

Half Legs     $45

Bikini            $40

Smitten Kitten

(Brazilian)    $55

Stomach      $35

 Chest            $35

 Upper Lip   $15

   Chin           $15

   Sides           $15

Full Face    $45

Men's Sugaring

Underarms    $30

Full Arm         $55

Half Arm        $45

 Full Legs          $95
 Half Legs        $65

  Half Back       $

  Full Back        $85

Chest and Stomach


Organic Spray Tanning

Full Body Spray Tan $45

Custom Blend Full Body

Spray tan  $55

Second Coat add on  $10