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What's your skin type?

Posted on September 21, 2016 at 3:45 PM

Everyone has a skin type, some of us will have the same skin throughout our lives and some will see changes in their skin from many various factors.


Here's a guide to helping you find out what type you have, and a visit to your Esthetician will give you an even better idea to help care for and treat your skin accordingly.

Most people know about the three main skin types, Oily, normal, and combination, but did you know there are two sub categories of skin which include dry and sensitive.


                 -Oily skin tends to have overactive Sebaceous Glands which means the glands in our body creat oil at a rapid pace.   

                 -There are many factors that can cause oily skin, such as genetics, hormones, pregnancy, diet, stress

                 -People with oily skin are prone to acne flare ups and enlarged pores


                 -normal skin is usually soft, smooth, with barely visible pores

                 -normal skin produces very little sebum (oil)

                 -This skin types has little to no sensitivities


                 -skin can be dry or normal in some areas, whereas oily in others, usually in the t-zone area

                  -some areas may have larger pores, some areas may have smaller pores

                 -the skin can apprear shiny in some areas


                 -Dry skin comes from various factors, such as hormomal changes, environmental factors, UV damage, smoking,

                   medications, improper use of cleanser or skincare products

                 -pores are tiny or appear to be almost invisible with a dull rough complexion

                 - Skin is lacking elasticity, is dry or flaky, and lines and wrinkles are more apparant,


                 -Sensitive skin is very reactive to products, creams, and sometime even foods.

                 - Characteristics of sensitive skin include redness, burning, ithing, and dryness.

                 -Always test patch products before applying them all over your face to be sure they are safe to use.

Priscilla's tips for each skin type.

All skin types are beautiful in their own ways. The most important way to keep you skin in tip top shape is by knowing how to properly care for and treat your skin.


                 -Find the right cleanser! Try different ones and keep a diary of how they have worked for you.

                 -Cleansers come in many forms, if your skin is oily, you may need a ceanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Salyclic Acid,                           Glycolic acids which all help exfoliate as well as cleans without a harsh or abrazive manner.

                 -When choosing products, oil free is usually the way to go this includes moisturizers, and makeup.


                 -Always cleanse skin daily, even if your skin doesnt feel dirty. Daily cleansing will help keep your skin balanced and will

                  wash away free radicals that will try and break down healthy skin cells.

                 -Tone it up. Using the right toner will aid in restoring the ph balance on the skin. Avoid harsh toners with alcohol in

                   them as these will dry out your skin

                 -Use a great night cream. Night creams are generally heavier then your normal day moisturizers. Night creams will keep

                  your skin healthy throught your zzzZZzz.


                 -Dont be Afrid to mix it up! Combo skin needs different treatments for different areas of the face. Clensers should be

                   gentle, and try to avoid over cleansing and over scrubbing oily spots, rather treat the areas of concern after your


                  -Toners are a great way to tone and tighten large pores in oily areas. Place some toner on a cotton ball and dab the

                   oily areas dry.

                  -Use face masks regularly to target different areas on your face and do dual face masks for optimum results. A great

                   mud mask is ideal for the oily areas, whereas a hydrating mask will be great for dryer areas.


                 -The temperature of our water effects dry skin, try to use cooler water when washing the face and taking shorter showers.

                  -Moisturize daily and drink lots of water. Dry skin lacks moisture from the inside out. Choose a hydrating moisturizer

                   cream based is usually best.

                 -Try using unscented skin care products. Fragrances usually come from chemicals and chemicals can dry your skin out

                   Stick with natural and gentle.


                 -Get comfortable with ingredients and reading labels to make sure your avoiding things that irritate your skin.

                 -ALWAYS test your produts! It may be extra work for you but will pay off in the long run.

                 -See a specialist. dermatologists and Estheticians are trained in knowing what is best for your skin, when in doubt ask a


Thank you for reading, and remember beauty comes from the inside out!

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Much love, from Smitten.


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